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After being cautiously optimistic about Mississippi State’s football chances this season, they were summarily dashed last night as they made a trip to Ruston, Louisiana. As the first SEC team to ever play IN Ruston, the visiting Bulldogs were a favorite. But poor mistakes and dumb plays doomed them. They started out well. Then the wheels fell out.

So now, what do I have to look forward to this football season? All is not lost. Don’t get me wrong. But Croom and company have their work cut out for them this next week. Yes, we lost big time to another Louisiana team in our opening game last year. But that was Louisiana State, not Louisiana Tech. LSU went on to win the National Championship.

So, my hopes of a surprise season were dashed. Momentum going the wrong direction. And dangit if I didn’t have to wake up this morning in Oxford, Mississippi and go to church with a bunch of Rebels who won their opener last night with a new coach. 

God has a sense of humor.

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  1. sspinko

    Blake, you’re in Rebel country now. When in Oxford, do as the Rebs do. Go ahead on and convert. You’ll be much happier in the long run. As much as I hate to say it.

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