As we gear up for our big launch for small groups for the fall, Tuesday night we had a meeting of small group leaders. It was a BBQ dinner at our house. And it was fun. It was great to have a group of leaders together like that and see their desire for the people of our church.

It’s a great team of people. We all laughed a lot at Dave’s jokes [but not @ him at all. right?] And when we had some discussion time it was good. Really good. Makes me really confident in the semester. Also, it almost made me want to keep those people together as a small group! We launch next week. And we’re looking forward to everything that happens.

And then tonight… While in Jackson I worked with the staff at Christ United Methodist Church in Jackson a number of times. We went to the same winter retreat together and attended a lot of planning meetings for it. It is a large church. And they have lots of freshmen here at Ole Miss.

So a few of the parents from Jackson decided to have a “first of the year dinner” for them. There were around 25 freshmen there. You realize that they sent 25 kids to one university. Those 25ish would easily be larger than 90% of the Methodist youth groups in Mississippi.

But we were invited to come out and meet the freshmen. They seem to be a cool group of kids. Wes, their youth minister said there are some really solid leaders among them. A few came to The Orchard on Sunday. Hopefully some of them will call The Orchard their church “home away from home.”