Like I was saying....

Day 1 of swimming lessons

Today is the first day of The Kid’s swimming lessons. I’m about to go home for lunch and see how they went. I’ve no idea what to expect. She loves the water. Loves the pool. But likes to be in a life jacket (because she can’t breath underwater.)

The lady teaching her is pretty hardcore. We’ll see…


  1. Angie

    I'm just wondering……how will you refer to the newest member of your family (on the site) after he/she arrives? 'The Kid', I'm afraid, is classic and will be difficult to top. 'The kid'-it's just too cute.

  2. stefanie

    my vote? "Kid 2: The Sequel"

  3. rick

    "The Spare" 🙂

  4. Blake

    If it turns out to be a boy, then it will be easy. I'll just lable them "The Girl" and "The Boy".

    But if it's two girls…I need to think of something besides "Kid 1" and "Kid 2"

  5. stef

    The Kid
    The Other Kid

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