We’re here on a mission trip in inner city Jackson right now. We spent the morning travelling, but then we at lunch at Fazolli’s before heading over to Lizzie Cooper’s place. You know that she runs the center in inner city Jackson. If the word “ghettolicious” was ever to be used, it’s where she is. Anyway, we spend most of the day cleaning up her place. Mopped, scrubbed, rubbed, folded, sorted, mowed, weed ate, etc. Then she brought the children in for a few hours while we played with them.

It was fun. The children all come from terrible home situations though. Stuff you’d never want to believe was possible. Every kind of abuse you’d think of. Moms having boyfriends in and out of their beds like most people change the channel. No love at all. So they’re desperate. But I took lots of pictures, so hopefully I’ll have some to upload in a few days.

I think it’s doing our kids good to be here. Tomorrow we’ll hang out more with the children. But I’m hoping that God will really show Himself and His truth to our teens this week.

Maybe more latter if I get the chance.