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Day Two – Lizzie Cooper

First of all, it’s amazing the things you’ll watch when you’re together with other people in a hotel room. The most random stuff that’d you’d skip over in a heartbeat watching television at home, you’ll sit and watch and say “look at that!”.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a good day. We started off the morning by sleeping in just a bit, but after breakfast and a devo in our room about being God’s hands to the rejected and “looked-down-upon” by the world, we all loaded up and chugged over to Lizzie’s center again. We were told we were going to hang with the children some more but we were going to do a little painting first. So I took a few students with me over to The Home Depot and bought paint and supplies while the rest of the crew stayed behind to design a mural we were going to paint on the outside walls.

After the eternity it takes to get The Home Depot to mix paint for you, we made it back and unleashed 15 brushes and rollers on the walls. The sun was out in full effect and made for a very stinky group. But most everyone worked pretty hard. [again, I have pictures I’ll be able to put up in a few days]. We were told to get a burgandy color which immediately translated to MAROON in my head. And I think it was mostly maroon except for the one can of paint that looked like Pepto-Bismol.

Some of the kids got there and played Monopoly and other games while some painted. We worked through lunch and post 2pm. The plan was to go eat lunch, then come back, but we decided to take the rest of the afternoon off and get an early start this morning. So we had our group meeting time last night and are about to leave out again this morning to finish the mural, then go to Rapids on the Reservoir. This should be interesting. Thirty inner city kids set loose in the huge waterpark. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep up with them all.


  1. yafreax

    what tv viewing are you reefer-ing to?

  2. giddy

    I'd like to see a picture of that maroon and pepto-pink mural. Praying for y'all as you do God's work.

    Reefer, Jeremy?

  3. Bea

    that is so cool….it is great to see or hear or read about young people doing God's work and helping people out!!! Amory youth are awesome!!!

  4. yafreax

    oops… uh… typo or fraudian slip, not sure which.

    seriously though, it is always great to hear of kids learning to make a difference.

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