Like I was saying....

Day Three of the School Experiment

So I told you that my oldest daughter has been homeschooled for her first two years of school (K and 1st grade). On Thursday I walked her into her 2nd grade classroom for her first ever day of public school. We’ve had two more since then. She’s had a great experience so far I believe. She likes her teacher. She’s FULL of both questions and details. And is thirsty to know more.

It’s still a “test run” at this time. We’re not sure if she’ll stay in school or go back to home schooling. There are a lot of factors being weighed and considered. And on top of all that a lot of prayers for wisdom being sent up.


  1. canudigit

    Praying with you.

    What did “c” say?

  2. Blake

    C said “God hearts public school”

  3. canudigit

    O. If I squint, I think I can see that. (And I thought I heard Yoko Ono for just a few seconds.) Thanks for the interpretation.

  4. Steve

    Blake, Micah started 2nd grade on Friday. When he came home he very happily announced to us all “I’ve had the greatest day of my life!” It was funny. So far so good for us to. Be blessed.

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