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Two Cover Tuesday 2

Back for week Two!

If you like Ben Folds, then this is a great impromptu version of possibly The Postal Service’s most famous song.

I used to LOVE this version. Used to sing it all raspy and angrily when I’d mow my lawn w/ my Walkman in. “Knock knock knocking on heaven’s door. Hay Hay hay-hay-hay!”


  1. g

    Boomer here. The first song reminds me of a Paul McCartney or an Elvis Costello pop song.

    Axl’s cover definitely does Dylan’s song justice, but Dylan’s original recording was a great one. I’ve heard Bob sing the same song in recent years but, since he no longer even pretends to sing well, it just wasn’t the same as his original. As someone recently said, “Bob Dylan: the genius songwriter who conceives of a beautiful, living song…and then murders it by singing it.” Have you heard Eric Clapton’s Bob Marley version of the song?

    I liked Axl’s shirt-skirts and kilts. Bob Dylan is a great poet, one of my favorites.

  2. Blake

    g, well then you’ll [hopefully] like a song I have picked already for next week. It’s another Dillon song. And I know what you mean about the original KOHD compared to this one. This one maintains some trueness while adding an edge to it as well. And yes, I’ve heard the Clapton version too.

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