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DC Reto

While we were in Costa Rica we had church service about four times. Seems they like to have church about every other day. But at the end of the first night we were at church they played about six different styles of music. But they closed out the night w/ some rap song that was in Spanish. But all the Costa Rican kids went nuts. Heck, the whole church danced to it. It was like their “closing song”. Everyone knew the words and all.

The song was “Vida” by a group called DC Reto. It stands for some long name in Spanish, but anyhow, they’re quite amazing. There were a few songs that they played over and over (Pa Los Ninos, and Yo Te Quiero were the others). But DC Reto is a group from Honduras that also has an American in it. The music is quite infectious.

Someone from our group got the DC Reto cd and put it on iTunes so everyone could put it on their iPod. So we had all these white American kids walking around singing the five or six words of the song they knew, although none of it was in English and they didn’t really know what it meant.

But go check out DC Reto if you can. Their official site was down,,when I first started trying it, but it’s up these days.

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  1. Esther

    I think your music rocks!!!!!!! It helps me keep myself together lots of times and its really inspirational!! Keep up the good work!! 🙂

  2. chely

    hola amigos de fan de dc reto yo soy de honduras de san pedro sula dios lesvendiga rica mente

  3. chely

    holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa como estan de nuevo soy chely y vivo en los angeles california esposa mia saves q te quiero decir como no te lo imaginas te amo solamentente aty ohohoh

  4. xox...[D]elmy...xox

    holaaa como estan? bueno yo vivo en Ottawa,Canada y soy de honduras! Dios Les bendiga

  5. josue1515

    para la gente de dc retor solo les pido un favor pueden mandarme mansaje de dc retor con musica mi msn es soy de peru huanuco

  6. Leticia

    Que Dios los siga bendiciendo mucho!!
    Keep the great job up!!=D

  7. Brendis

    Su musica me llena de paz y me mantiene lejos de musica del mundo. Yo fui a oir la musica de ustedes y me lleno de bendicion a IGLESIA MISERICORDIA en Laredo, TX. Sigan con su musica y que DIOS LOS BENDIGA!!!

  8. Brendis

    Si alguien tiene musia de ellos o fotos manden mensaje a
    La cancion de YO TE QUIERO me llega al corazon

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