I’m in a draft right now. Usually they’re really fun. But sometimes they can be like watching paint dry if you have some guys who pick really, really slowly.

Fantasy football is best when you play w/ people you know. But right now I’m drafting in a league, 5th year I’ve been in it, and I don’t actually KNOW anyone in it (meaning ever met them or even talked on the phone w/ them). I have chatted over AIM or something with a few. But it’s a really competitive league. I always seem to have a sub par team that does just well enough to have a sorry draft position each year. Lucky me.

But last year in this league (it’s a Keeper League) I won my division, and I made it all the way to the title game. Lost royally. So I have 2nd to last pick w/ keepers that would be 2nd at their position. Brees, Wayne, and R. Johnson.

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