When we got married, we decided to go on our honeymoon to Seaside, Florida. We’d had friends who’d told us of how great it was. We absolutely loved it. But at Seaside, there wasn’t a lot to do. That was part of the charm of it though, to be honets. It had a few shops, a few places to eat, a small but pretty cool little market/grocery store (with big prices). But if you really wanted to go to a bigger restaurant or grocery shop or whatever, you had to drive down the road either east or west. If you went east, you went to Panama City, which is very touristy. No thanks. But to the west was the Destin area.

We enjoyed it then. It had a really nice outlet mall (decent prices, but great selection) and nice looking area. Plenty of stuff to do and see, but not to “cheap” looking, if you know what I mean. Well, this is where we decided to go on our vacation. It was sweet. We did have to endure a two and a half hour sales pitch from Fairfield Resorts (how many different ways can you say “no”?) but we got two nights at a hotel, $30 off of dinner, and $100 off another stay at a hotel down there…all for $99. So it was worth it.

We took lots of pics of The Kid in the pool. We’d had a handful of swimming lessons so far, but they weren’t all smooth. So we spent a lot of time in the pool kicking, spashing, jumping, and holding our breath. But it paid off. She got better, and it showed when she returned to swimming lessons here back home.

We spend our third and fourth night in Fort Walton Beach. It’s just over the bridge from Destin and it’s all with in a few minutes driving. The waves were bigger in FWB to me, but The Kid still liked the beach as long as I held her. We got plenty of son. I got pretty red, but it’s faded to brown, but it’s itchy, so that means I’ll peal before way long.

Would we go back…oh yes. We will!