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Larry Bird :: NBA needs more white superstars

USA Today Article

I expect this to draw lots of attention over the next few days. Look for it to catch him a lot of flack. But Larry always seemed to be one who spoke his mind.


· You know when I played, you had me and Kevin (McHale) and some others throughout the league. I think it’s good for a fan base because as we all know the majority of the fans are white America. And if you just had a couple of white guys in there, you might get them a little excited. But it is a black man’s game, and it will be forever. I mean, the greatest athletes in the world are African-American.”

· Bird also says that when he was playing he “really got irritated” when a white player guarded him. “I still don’t understand why,” he says. “I didn’t care who guarded me — red, yellow, black. I just didn’t want a white guy guarding me, because it’s disrespect to my game.”


  1. g

    "…disrepect to my game." Wha……?????

  2. A.Z. Young

    Larry Bird is rediculous. To say that you don't want a white man guarding you in disrespect to his game, its the person guarding you not his color, that idiot. He was in the game for a long time and to say that most of the fans are white America is stupid. Fans are fans, how does he know how many fans watch what sport. Increasing the number of white players in the league is not going to uplift America and create this miracle of another Larry Bird. Talent is talent, it just so happens that a majority of African Americans like basketball and are talented. That idiot. He is the one disrespecting those like Jerry West who is one of the best players of all time, now who he be mad if he was guarding by him, I thiink not. To say that makes me think that he shouldn't pick up a ball again. This makes me mad as a fan of the sport. So it makes me think that he did all that amazing stuff on the court to bring attention to white people and for an increase not for the love of the game. Take a cue for Magic, MJ, Russell, and West, if that is your view you don't belong on the court!

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