Things have been pretty busy the past week. Here are a couple of notable things I should have posted on:

  • We had the Youth Super Bowl party last week. Lots of kids came and crammed into the Randle’s house. Thankfully most of them were not in front of the television when Janet Jackson decided to show her little metal sun off. I was sitting there with a few dads when it happened. Justin pulled the boobie panel off and it fell out. Everyone kinda looked at each other with a, “Did what I think happened really happen?” sort of look. No one wanted to be the first to say anything.
  • Most of the kids were either playing pool or Dance, Dance Revolution. These kids really get into it. It’s a PlayStation2 game with a dance pad with arrows on it. You have to step on certain arrows at certain time in a certain beat. It’s funny to watch. Looks to be tiring too. Heard a lady lost over 100 pounds dancing with this game. I was about to buy a friends PS2 for $85 because he never played it anymore. But then he told me he couldn’t sell it anymore because his mom bought DDR. I was about to get a steal of a game system.
  • My transcript for USM finally went through to Asbury at the first of the week. Then I was just having to wait on my admissions packet being processed and approved. It has been a little bit of a frustrating process for me, just because I thought time had passed to get into this semester’s online courses. Then I found out there was a window of opportunity, but it was quickly closing.
  • My Bulldogs were pushed up four spots into the Top Ten. They currently reside at #7 in the nation. Go Dogs!
  • MSU football had an okay signing class. To be expected. We’ve sucked the last few years and had a complete turnover in coaches (excepting the WR coach). Plus, the NCAA is breathing down our necks. But I still think this class will produce for us in 4 or 5 years. But there are no Parade All Americans in this class.
  • My book I bought used off of came in this week. It will give me some pointers on how to snowboard. In five and a half weeks I’ll be in Copper Mountain, Colorado. I’ll be tired and sore but having a blast! More on this trip later.
  • I was accepted to Asbury. Woo Hoo! I still had a few more hoops to jump through, but it went much more smoothly and quickly that I anticipated. Now I’m slated to begin classes on Monday morning online. Foudations in Christian Discipleship. Should be interesting. Now I’ve got to find time to read and write papers and all that good stuff. Sheesh…
  • I woke up yesterday to find out that Monta Ellis committed to Mississippi State. Monta is rated one of the top five junior basketball players in the country. He will make an immediate impact if he ever makes it to MSU. Other schools will be hard and fast on recruiting him. But the NBA might be a factor too. Couple this news with the announcement that our coach, Rick Stansbury, signed a contract extension…our basketball future is looking better and better.
  • The Fam went last night to see The Music Man at the local highschool. Great performance. We saw Footloose there last year. Let’s just say I’d rather stay at home and watch Bill O’Reilley any old day than go see Footloose again. But last night was really good. Great performance. Great voices. Good acting. Good production. Two thumbs up! And The Kid made it through the whole thing. She really likes the DVD of The Music Man. So she was familiar with all of the songs already. After the last few scenes, she’s ask, “Is it over now?” because she was ready to go home and drink some milk. But we had 2nd row seats, so she was able to see well, and it kept her attention.