Like I was saying....

My Wife Is Awesome!!!

Today is a HUGE home game for the Bulldogs. They’re sitting at #7 in the country and are hosting our biggest rival. Tickets are no where to be found. We couldn’t find any tickets so we’d resigned our afternoon to be sitting in front of the television at my grandmother’s house.

My birthday is tomorrow (the 8th) but it’s on a Sunday and that gets in the way of having a ‘free’ day to do stuff. Anyway, I’m heading to bed last night and pick up a card w/ my name on the outside of the envelope. It’s a birthday card. Early. I open it up and there are two lower level tickets to today’s Bulldog Basketball game!!! The Wife got me tickets!!! We’re going to the game.

My wife is awesome! Maybe I’ll take the camera, and see if I can snap a few shots while at the game!


  1. lj

    congrats. truly a man's dream come true.

  2. Steve

    Happy birthday, dude! Glad to FINALLY read some new stuff on here. I'm a true fan.

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