Like I was saying....

Dirtry Car…

I realized today that you really don’t take into account how dirty your car is until someone else rides in it with you, then you begin to notics all the junk in there. I had two friends ride with me yesterday. One was in the back and I kept trying to think of what all he was seeing in the floorboard back there. It doesn’t help that my daughter throws all kinds of stuff back there and I never really pay much attention to it.

But I cleaned it out (all except vaccuming it) this afternoon and had to make a few trips to the garbage can, the laundry room, the dish washer (old milk in a sippy cup is quite rancid) and the book shelves.

It’s amazing how our cars (and even lives) can get so cluttered up and we’re blind to it until we look through someone else’s eyes. So I wonder how others see ME? I wonder how God sees me?


  1. Rhonda

    I read this post last night, and it had nothing to do with me. Then I promised my friend Bob that I would drive him to the repair shop to pick up his car . . . Uh-oh! Fortunately, there is only one of him, and there will be no one to ride in the backseat where I once discovered the remnants of a chocolate milkshake from Checkers. Quite the equivalent of your rancid sippy cup except for the fact that I am not a baby and should have known better than to let that one roll under the seat. As for God, I think He sees us for the fragile human beings that we are. If He can forgive us any sin, I am most sure that He forgives rancid dairy products in the backseat of our cars. Of course, He did also put the man who invented the Shop-Vac on this earth, so it is also quite probable that He would not mind if we kept the backseats of our cars (and our lives) debris free! :o)

  2. rick

    independent varification for you: my car vs. my wife's car. every time she sees the inside of my car (looks pretty much like your from the sounds of it, sippy cups and all), she comments about how i should clean it out. and the very next time we're in hers for something (her big SUV is nicer than my little one), i think she's got some blind spot over her own collection of car junk… geez 8^)

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