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My dog is afraid of ceiling fans

She’s really a good dog. But she has some quirks. If she walks into a room with a ceiling fan on, she watches it like it’s out to get her. If the fan is on low, or you turn it off and it’s getting slower and slooower and slooooooower, it really freaks her out and she has to leave the room. She’s not so bad now, but there was a time when it could even be off and she’d be in the room and she’d all of a sudden bolt up from a nap, stare at the ceiling fan, and then slink out of the room watching it closely as if it were about to jump off the ceiling and whack her on the head.

Crazy dog…

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  1. yafreax

    my dog was scared of the broom until she jumped off my sisters bed one day and broke her back…. poor thing, never knew the love that the broom could have for her.

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