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Embeded videos not working

Hmmm… Last week I tried to post a video from YouTube right here on the blog. That way you could just click on it and away you go. It seemed to work at first. But then on any Mozilla based browser it wouldn’t work. In fact, it royally jacked up all the formatting to where things were not in their proper place.

It took me a bit to realize it was the YouTube code that messed everything up. To the point where I’d uploaded almost all of the WordPress files again.

So does anyone know any easy solution to this?


  1. Tim

    Hmm… I’ve never had a problem copying and pasting the embed code into a WordPress post as long as the visual rich text editor is turned off (I recommend you never have that thing enabled anyway). However, the embed tags don’t validate well for XHTML, so to make my blog’s code a little cleaner I use Viber’s Video Quicktags plugin. Again, you’ll need to have the visual rich editor disabled for this to work right.

  2. Blake

    Hmmm…maybe that’s my problem. Having the WYSIWYG editor turned on.

  3. Rick

    I always have to put a “” and “” around the “paragraph” that has the embedded code. Try that? And if the codes above don’t come thru because HTML stinks at times, let me know and I’ll help if I can.

  4. Rick

    NOPE – there’s something in the quote marks that didn’t come thru – trying again. It was a . how’s that?

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