I’ve always wanted to go to England. I remember as a 6th grader we got pen pals in one of my classes. I wanted one from England. My pen pal was from New Castle on Tyne or something like that. I had just gotten a new typewriter for Christmas so I typed his letter on that. Can’t remember his name. But my teacher read it, suggested some corrections. But for some reason I never sent it. But I’ve always wanted to go.

As a senior I did some yard work for a lady who went to England a lot. She told me she could hook me up with some people to stay with. But I never pursued it. In college I watched Real World-London. Loved it. Furthered my desire to visit.

Since then I’ve found there are other places I really would ike to visit. New Zealand being one of those. It’s something about those funny little accents. The history of the places. Differences in culture, yet I can still speak the language!

I met a guy a few weeks ago. Grew up in Clinton. Just graduated seminary. Leaving in a few weeks to go to pastor 3 churches abroad….in England. Nottingham, England to be exact. That’s right, the land of Robin Hood. He’s going to have a 3 church charge over there for a years time. My wheels got to turning.

MISSION TRIP is the first thing that pops to my mind. So now there’s one in the works. 15 people. 12 days. Let’s see if it happens.