Like I was saying....

Explain to me the logic

Okay…we’re invading a country, bombing the smack out of the place, hitting governmental buildings, wreaking havoc. Of course there are going to be casualties. Even POW’s. But wait. After we’re doing all of the above and more to Iraq…we say, “If you take any of our soldiers as Prisoners of War, we expect them to be treated nicely. Thank you.”

What the heck? Can we have that resonable expectation?


  1. yafreax

    well, first of all, we treat all POW's pretty much with respect, especially in this war. I'm sure there at times when we dont… But as an example, the guys that we have captured and died or the guys that we've come across dead we have burried with their head facing the east… a "proper muslim burrial". I think especially in this war we will go out of our way to treat our POWs of the regular iraqi military better than any POWs in the past. …

    but i do see your point as well.

  2. Jay

    War logical? Not sure if those two words fit together. Especially in light of the Gospels.

  3. Rachel C

    I've been wondering the same thing, Blake. It still remains to be seen whether this war is "legal" anyways — so appealing to treating POWs legally is interesting. Both sides have broken the Geneva Convention as far as I can tell, by releasing photos/film of POW.

    It's true, war only brings out ugliness.

  4. yafreax

    The legality of the war is simple. It's not a new war, it's a continuation of the first Gulf War. Saddam has continually broken our cease fire requirements for the past 10 – 12 years, and under international law, the UN cant really do anything about us going in there. Clinton, as much as i didnt like him, tried numorous times to acheive the same thing that we are hoping to acheive now. The closest he got was an incomplete, ill-timed attempt known as Operation Desert Fox.

    But really, this comment section is probably not the place for me to get into all this. . . blake probably wouldnt want me to 😀

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