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Fall Retreat

I went down for the church’s Fall Retreat. Friday night was just the college students and seniors in high school. They were to be the leaders for the week. There were only about 18 or so of us there the first night. It was good to get to meet them and get to know them a little better. I was pretty surprised with the maturity of a lot of them. Suprised and encouraged. We stayed up a while getting some things ready and set up for the weekend. Also made out the schedule for the Tower of Power. The Tower was a deer stand in a tree with a mic and speakers. Scripture was read 24/7 from up there starting in Genesis. It was to be a blessing on the whole weekend to have God’s word read over them.

I started getting a headache at some point in the night. I had no Tylonol or Advil, so I tried to guzzle Coke to caffinate my headache. Didn’t work. So later I go to bed with a headache. That’s usually the best headache medicine….sleep. But it won’t let me go to sleep. I get up at 3:30 going to the camp office and cafferteria looking for pain killer. I think about driving to a store, but I don’t really know where I am and not sure where the nearest store is, much less one that’s open at 3:45 am.

I get some Orbit gum, sit on the front porch of my cabin for a bit and decide to go lay back down. Yatzee!!! I go to sleep. I get miniscule sleep and feel great! God is good.

The kids get there the next day and there are a few that I recognize and remember. But I’m meeting kids left and right and not remembering names. The speaker and worship leader do their thing and I’m still meeting people left and right. Lunch, afternoon game, my hour to read in the Tower of Power, games, session, supper, then I have to leave.

But it was a good weekend. I think it was a great opportunity to break some ice. That way I don’t show up in December and no one knows me and I know no one. Sure, there are still tons of people to meet and get to know.

Now we gotta find a house! Wait, I mean we gotta sell a house!

Oh, and the Dogs one 2 in a row!


  1. jayuff

    Sounds like a good weekend. I envy you for meeting new people and taking on a new enviroment. I like doing that. Can't wait to do some ski retreats for other churches just to hang out with new kids. Not that I want to leave my old ones.

  2. Blake

    It will be a big change, the new environment and all. Add too that a new baby and all, things could get crazy!

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