Like I was saying....

No Friday's Feast

Seems the guy is on vacation or something.

But since there’s no aimless stuff to post today, I’ll pimp a few friends’ blogs today. I’ll start trying to do that a little more here and there. If you read this and don’t see your blog listed, have patience. I don’t want to put them all up here at once.

Russ & Anna’s Wedding Blog I’ve known Russ for a long while thanks to Camp Lake Stephens. There was a time when I was “old” and he was “young”. Now we’re both in the “older” bracket. Anyhow, he’s getting married to Anna. She’s a cool girl too. Russ told me that he and Anna would read my blog pretty often, and I tried to encourage them to make a blog for their wedding preperations. He kept dodging it saying it was probably too complicated. I wouldn’t give up and finally walked him through it. Now he’s been a blog-evangelist of sorts. Russ is a UTenn fan who went to UMiss. But he’s a UMem fan in basketball. Anna is a UMiss fan who went to UMiss. They’re interesting.

I Wish I Was At The Beach is another friend from Camp Lake Stephens. Lyle is one of the more unique people I know. He’s so freaking passionate about Rebel sports, but one of the most pragmatic Rebel fans I know. He won’t blow any smoke up someone’s butt with red/blue glasses on. He’ll call it as he sees it. Lyle is someone who I don’t see very often, but after I’ve been around him I always realize I should try to hang out with him a little more. One of the funniest people I know.


  1. jag

    i don't have Michah Ginn's contact info handy, man. post on Rebelgrove at and he'll get back to you, or someone can get his info to you. he seems to know know he's doing. can't wait to see the Chucky film.

    thanx for checking out my site.

  2. Blake

    Micah and I were at Northeast together. So I met him there. He was the goofy guy who worked in the cafferteria at first. But we got to know him pretty well. I actually edited a english video project for him once. Now he's the big shot.

    I worked summers in Oxford at CLS and would get to listen to his morning show on 92.1. And he roomed with some guys I went to high school with some too.

    Thanks for checking out mine as well. I added you to my list.

  3. Lyle

    Aw, shucks Blake.

    Thanks for the kind words. Rebs suck.
    At least ya'll have basketball to look forward to. We sure don't.

    There, I've called it like I see it again.


  4. Jeff

    Hey, Thanks for freeing up Zook for futire employment. Maybe we can get him @ USC. Lou's gotta go.

  5. Russ

    My sports enthusiasm goes as follows. Just to clear some things up
    1. Tennessee Football
    2. Tennessee Basketball(although they really aren't good)
    3. Ole Miss Football
    4.(tie) Ole Miss Basketball, Indianapolis Colts, (strictly for Manning) and Tiger Basketball (strictly from fond Mid-South Coliseum Memories)

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