Like I was saying....

Family Day @ The Orchard

If you’re in town, we’d love to have everyone come. Sounds like it might be a cold day!

The image below is clickable.

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  1. Myra Jackson

    This looks like something my kids would love, sign us up for 5 kids, 2 adults! Seems like we’d have to come to get you talk to us. Have I offended you guys or something? I think I’ve commented twice about trying to get “the wife” to get intouch with me. Have you commented back and I’ve missed it, very possible since I don’t subscribe to your feed and only get here randomly. I just subscribed last night and this will be my last attempt at what seems like forcing communication.
    Again, so glad ya’ll are in Oxford, what a cool, cool, very cool place and the church and ministry sound promising!
    Oh, one more thing for “the wife”…..WCC women’s alumni game April 27-28 in Hattisburg if she hasn’t heard already. They are inquiring about who would be interested.

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