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Fancy Nancy Party at Square Books Jr.

I didn’t ever realize we had any books called Fancy Nancy. But then my wife said that our girls should go to a Fancy Nancy Party at Square Books Junior. Hmmm. Maybe they should. Turns out, Fancy Nancy is a little girl who likes to dress up a lot and use big words. And our girls like those books.

So we went to the party. I think I was the only dad there. There might have been one more, but I think he was like me and trying to act like I didn’t belong to the fancy stuff.

But the girls dressed up (my wife must have thought that tie dye clothes and high heels were fancy), had a story read to them, had some snack, did some coloring, and then made a wand. They also got some sort of fan as they left.

They had a good time. Here are some pics.

Ella also liked to play in the kitchen there at the bookstore.


  1. Emily

    Too cute, Blake! The girls are precious, of course, and I tie dyed is definitely fancy. Very fancy.

  2. g

    Cool kids.

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