Like I was saying....

Is your life ever a crucible?

CRUCIBLE: (krūsə-bəl) n.

  1. A vessel made of a refractory substance such as graphite or porcelain, used for melting and calcining materials at high temperatures.
  2. A severe test, as of patience or belief; a trial.

Maybe calling my current life a crucible would be an exaggeration. But it does seem that there are a whole lot of things happening at once in my life and the life of my family. And I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near any breaking point. But sometimes it does seem like my head is spinning.

We finally sold our house (Yea God!) but we’re living in a basement. But YEA GOD! the basement is free. But this basement is a 35 minute drive from work. We’ve been looking at houses over all-the-time it seems. Today we just told a builder that a house we’d been having some serious conversations about just doesn’t seem right for us. We think it is a great deal on a great house. But it’s just not a great deal for us.

And our third child is due within the next week and a half. Which means it could be in two weeks or tonight. And then yesterday the transmission went out on my vehicle. When the mechanic calls you and says you have two options…and the price difference between the two is $1100, you say “ouch!”

Then there’s the basic “I just wish I had more time in the day” stuff. So it seems that life is busy, busy, busy right now on some front. But I’m really looking forward to the weekend. We have a Good Friday service, then an egg hunt on Saturday, then a Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday. Surprisingly I’ve never been to a sunrise service in all my life.


  1. g

    Get your sweaters ready for Sunday and Monday. Brrrrrrr!

    Glad you passed for now on the house. I didn’t have a good feeling about that deal.

    All of you, try to slow down and to relax. Relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaxx.

  2. Rick

    Praying for you and all yours – “crucibles” suck the life out of you, but sometimes that vacuum can be filled with better, meaningful things. Grace & peace.

  3. Myra Jackson

    Wow! We can so relate to the spinning feeling, we’re kinda in the same boat right now. Alittle scary at times but a total peace too! Exciting times!

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