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Favorite Thing About Church

We just began a new service in our church w/in the last month. It’s not in anyway traditional like the other two services.  Tomorrow will be the fifth time it’s ever occurred. Our five year old has been going, seeming to like it. And she doesn’t leave the service when it’s time for the little kids to go to their own room. She says she wants to stay in there w/ everyone else.

But last Sunday after church she asked me, “Dad, you know what my favorite thing about church is? You know what my favorite part is?”

I was expecting something about the music or people she sees in there or that they have a table w/ donuts and cookies….something like that.

“Dad, it’s when Mom goes and gets Ella from the nursery and she runs up to me all excited and hugs me for a whole minute!”              I’m glad these girls love each other!

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