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24 and Jack Bauer

I remember watching 24 when it first came on. I bought the hype. But after a couple of episodes I missed a week or two. And there was no way I could catch up. I got left in the dust as America kept up w/ Jack Bauer and his exploits. I’d hear about it now and then and how great it was, but I never really knew the details.

This past summer I got tired of hearing how 24 was better than LOST, so borrowed Season One from a friend and really got into it. A couple of weekends ago I finished Season Two. And just today I started Season Three.

Is it better than LOST, I’m not ready to say yes or no. But it might be just as good. LOST has been struggling lately to maintain some sort of consistent plotline. Desmond’s flashback? Or was it time travel? Or was it unconsciousness? Who knows.

But watch 24 on DVD can be addictive…no doubt. So I’m trying to institute that I cannot watch any more 24 in a week than I read my Bible. Because as cool as Jack Bauer might be, he’s no Jesus. And I should give Him more time than JB.

Here is an interesting book I came across in Family Christian Bookstore this week: Jack Bauer’s Having A Bad Day.


  1. Doug

    Thanks for commenting on by blog earlier. When I came over to check yours out, this post immediately caught my attention. My wife and watch two shows a week, 24 and LOST, and nothing else (well, not counting sports). We both love 24, but LOST is still my favorite. This season started slow, but has really picked up in the last three episodes!

    And it’s great you have your priorities straight (more Bible than Bauer).

  2. Blake

    LOST is back. My wife still thinks it’s cookoo. But she’ll usually watch it with me even though.

    She’s not into 24. But I usually try and play catchup w/ it when she’s out of the house.

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