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Feast Twenty Nine

Friday’s Feast

Using only 5 words, describe how 2004 went for you.
Changes galore. God at work.

Name something you did in 2004 that you’ll probably never do again.
Turn the big Three Oh

What did you learn about yourself in 2004?
That I’m not as smart as I think I am. That God’s much bigger than me and I have to allow Him to live His life through me. Also learned that as you get older your metabolism slows down and you have to be more concerned with eating right and excercising.

Main Course
What notable news event from 2004 will stand out most in your memory?
Probably all the Prez Election mess.

Name something you purchased in 2004 that you really, really like.
That’s a toughie. Maybe the cell phone I got a week ago? Just because that’s fresh on my mind.

1 Comment

  1. g

    Appetizer – Ditto Blake's answer
    Soup – Uhhh… Five-Oh
    Salad – Ditto again
    Main Course – It's all a conspiracy
    Dessert – Spinach Crisp

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