Happy New Year!

It’s a new year. New beginnings. All that jazz…

BreakThru was great, as expected. It was a great time to get to know some people I’d not been around much and get to know other people better. I felt a little behind on the learning curve since there was even a 5th grader there with us who’d been going for over 7 years! But next year should be a bit smoother, but of course I’ll have some sort of responsibility with the running of the camp by then. Most of the guys tell me to take ahold of Security. Apparantely it was ruled w/ an Iron Fist this year.

We’re housesitting right now for some friends, keeping their dog. They live out by The Resevoir. It is a bit of a drive to get to work/church/etc. But it’s nice to have a place where you can leave stuff out and pick it up when you want to (or when your wife finally asks you to), where you can turn the TV up as loud as you want, and you can eat breakfast in your underwear if you so choose. Man, we’ve GOT to get a place of our own soon!

We went and looked at two rental places yesterday. One was scary. The shower had dirty globs of what looked like slime/hair/mildew on the side of the tub, and there was a lizard in a closet. We then looked at another place that was just about 400 yards away. Nice, clean, neat, newly painted. But they don’t know if they’ll do a 6 month lease on it or not. We’re supposed to look at a house for rent tomorrow. Four BR actually! We’ll see how it goes.

We’re hoping to get a 6 month lease and sell our old house in the meantime. Jan/Feb really isn’t a high time in the housing market from what I’ve been told. So hopefully it will sell before summer. But the semi-month of The Wife and the girls being back at the old house has been tough on all of us. The Wife called once so my daughter could tell me she woke up one morning crying, “I want my Daddy!”

But God’s taking care of us. I’ve no doubt. And He’s trying to teach us all something in all this too. Now I just gotta find it!

Much love to everyone. Until next time…