Fever is never good for a baby. I say baby, but mean a kid 2 or younger. Our oldest daughter used to get some pretty high fevers. It even spiked up to 105.x one time (that looks like a radio station).  We got a little worried. It was weird that time because there was a friend over for supper. But we had to put her in a tub of warmish/cool water, sponge her down and give her a double dose of baby Advil and baby Tylonol. But anytime we called a doctor, they’d ask if she was eating and seeming in a fairly decent mood. She always was.

We never took her in, and the fever always broke finally. Usually over night w/ a lot of sweating and wet hair (looked funny when she woke up).

But our youngest has had a fever this week. Not nearly as high. But one of those lingering fevers that she smiles through unless she’s really tired or hungry. I wonder if it’s a family thing? Both of them have seemed to get random fevers w/ out any other symptoms except a runny nose.