Like I was saying....

Final Four…Mississippi State Style

I guess Mississippi State style means NIT style this year. I will take it. I would have liked more than the NIT, but realistically….preseason hopes was for a good NIT showing. So far so good, right?

But in 20 minutes the game comes on ESPN2. For some reason the Women’s NCAA Tourney gets to play on ESPN. Will more people really watch that over the men’s NIT Final Four? Either way, I’m glad that we’re still playing and still getting some publicity. The incoming freshmen for next year are already wrapped up. So I don’t know that this would help us tremendously recruiting wise unless we’re talking about current Juniors.

I’ll be watching to night’s game w/ my girls. The Wife is going to be at a Bible study.  But here’s to hoping that we win tonight and get to play Thursday night.


  1. Rick

    If you’re gonna lose, betting beat on a buzzerbeater is the best way to go. At least you guys were playing.

  2. Blake

    I’m not sure there’s a best way to go. But thanks for the encouragement. I felt we were so close in that game so many times. And of course I think we were done wrong by the refs. But….on to next year.

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