I took one of those breaks. Jeremy reminded me of it.

The last post was about making the NIT and the excitement and anti-hype that surrounds it. But since then MSU has one three straight home games to march into New York City and MSG. Again, there’s always that question as to whether you’d like to go deep in the NIT or be ousted first round of the NCAA Tournament. But I think our team, at this point, might be better for the deep run in the NIT. Plus, I really think we have a legitimate shot at winning it.

But there’s no guaranteed benefit of winning the NIT. Just ask South Carolina (sorry, Rick). They won the whole thing the last two years. So after winning the NIT championship in 05, they don’t make the Big Dance in 06 so they win the NIT again. And then in 07 they not only fail to make the Big Dance…but the Little Dance either.

I was actually able to go to the last game in the Hump against Florida State. It was the first game I’d been to there in a really long time. It brought back great memories. And that place feels so good to be in. My only regret is that I didn’t buy a hotdog there. Next time for sure!

But our team is young. And learning. And developing. And (most likely) all coming back.  Good times should be both here AND ahead.