Tomorrow is the first day of school for Addison. She’s anxious about it. So much that she couldn’t get to sleep. Actually got up a few times upset because we were going to be before her. But she met her teacher today and saw her classroom and where she’ll hang her jacket and all. I think she’s more than ready for it. I almost wish we’d sent her to school in August, but I think being in the social setting of preschool will be great for her.

I think she gets along quite well with most kids. I’m just a little curious to see if she’ll try to be bossy or overly demanding of other kids. She tends to think she’s in charge sometimes. Especially since she spent some time at her grandmothers while we were in Nashville for Passion. She thought she ruled the roost. That’s been a little of a reawakening since she’s been back home.

But I’ll get up for prayer breakfast, then meet Bev at the church w/ her. I’ll take her to school while Bev goes on into work. It should be fine. We’ll see.