Well, time got away from me and flew by. Here’s what’s happened since last time we talked:

  • Addison started school. She loves it. She was a bit nervous at first, but she jumped right in with out any hitch at all. She says she’s learning a lot. But I think the best thing for her right now is that she’s in a classroom environment with a room full of kids and a good teacher. Especially the social aspect of school. I think she was beginning to see teenagers as her peers.
  • Ella is learning sign language. We dabbled in it with Addie. But never concentrated on it. But decided to give it a serious go with Ella. She’s figuring it out. Some signs she does frequently. But still needing to address them all to a particular item/action. She signed “night night” a bit ago. But didn’t seem to happy about it when I laid her down for a nap. But she went to sleep pretty quickly, so maybe she really was tired. Hopefully this will explode on here in a bit and will help her verbal commuication as well. She only knows a few words. “Mama”, “Dah” for Dad (though she usually calls me Mama too), “Mo” for more, and “bok bok” for any of the dogs.
  • UMiss beat MSU last week in basketball. Broke the 8 game streak. We’re a little down and very young this year. I think the future’s bright. Though we did kick off 2 good talents this past week. But as talented as they might have been, they weren’t good teammates. I think we improve as the season moves along. But I’m hoping for a NIT run. That’s sad, isn’t it?
  • Bev has the flu. She came down with it Tuesday night. She’s been pretty low, but is on the upswing now. But her throat is still pretty raw. We had to go back for more medicine. But the great thing is that the girls and I have not gotten sick so far. Hopefully it stays that way.
  • My office got painted…but that’s not big news.
  • And I’ve upgraded to 2.0! How you like them apples. Probably nothing anyone can detect.