I remember way back in the day when I was a part of a youth ministry email list, there was someone on there complaining about how Interlinc would include some really good and some really crappy stuff in their shipments. One of the “crappy” examples was a band called Relient K. I’d not heard them, but this guy went on and on about how they were a waste and a sorry excuse for the music industry.
A few years later I hear “Sadie Hawkins Dance” and thought it was catchy…and realize it’s this Relient K band. I keep up with them. They have some catchy songs. Some crafty lyrics. And then when “Mmhmm” came out, I was really surprised. These guys had crafty talent and then they had some actual skill too.

Yesterday their lasted came out. Relient K’s “Five Score & Seven Years Ago”. I’m digging it. I’m still listening to it w/ the “checking it out” feel. But I can tell I’m going to like it a lot. These guys are putting out great music w/ crafty lyrics. Yes, I recommend them!