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One down, two to go :: SEC Tournament

I just saw one of the best basketball games I’ve seen in a while. MSU took on Kentucky. Got up, then behind big, then back up big, then behind w/ the loss staring them in the face…then a HUGE shot to force overtime. And then some more good luck to pull it out in the final seconds. Literally the final 3 seconds.

Our team had lost 6 games this year when the margin was 5 points or less. But today we were able to mature and win one…by two. A team that starts 3 sophomores, one junior and one senior. And the first three off the bench are freshmen.

We needed today’s win. But we need at least one more…probably two. We now get to play the winner of the Vandy/Arkansas game. From an RPI standpoint…we want Vandy. But either way, we just need the win.


  1. jeremy

    it was a great ending / OT. I didn’t get to see the whole game, but good stuff what i did see. I think they lost too many of those close games to get in with just one more win. They need to take home the championship to garauntee the bid, but maybe the squeek in cause of momentum otherwise.

    Watch the nail biting, alright?

  2. Blake

    So you got to see it over there in TX? Cool. It was a tight game. Now we get to play Arkansas. We split w/ them earlier this year. But the drama is that their pointguard played his freshman and sophomore years at MSU. Then transfered out. There’s some bad blood between him and some of our players. Most think he tagged our center in the jewels at one point last game.

    Should be interesting.

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