Last night I was at church w/ the youth. We played a game then I introduced the topic of the night. While talking a bit, I thought I noticed some flashes out of the window behind me out of the corner of my eye. Popped in the video. It was a pretty good one. Towards the end I noticed the lightning again. Remembered my windows were rolled down.

So I slip out and go roll them back up, come back and the video’s almost over. Turn on the lights and start the discussion. Someone says, “Is that lightning?” I tell them that it is, but it’s barely thundering and no rain at all. So then it starts flashing a lot as we’re trying to have a discussion. Then the lights go out. Everyone pulls out their cell phone to light the room. I think the lights will come on again shortly maybe. But then I see flashlights bobbing down the hall.

Some dads were outside because we were about done for the night and saw the lights go out. They come up and tell us that they’re not coming on anytime soon. So we all go downstairs and look out the front door. It’s raining now….big time! Like sideways rain, and tons of lightning and tons of booming thunder by this time.

Roads are flooding because it can’t drain fast enough. Some parents come get their kids, but the drivers are staying at the church to wait it out a bit. It passes pretty quickly, lights come back on, people slowly leave. But there are limbs down everywhere. People across the street from us had a tree in their roof. We got sticks everywhere. But it came all of a sudden and left all of a sudden.

Strange weather we’re having. More on the way.