I am taking two classes sememster online. Asbury has a pretty cool little setup with it all. But taking two classes is going to be a load for me. I think it’s definatly doable, but I’m going to have to budget my time well to make sure I do better than decent with the classes.

One class sent me a box full of video tapes. I’m supposed to watch all these lectures of our teacher. This will go on for the first half of the class. Thing is, he is very Chinese. He’s not very easy to understand at first, but once you get into his speech rhythm it’s not so bad. But he seems to say a lot of words in order to communicate a shorter idea. Makes me wish I’d chosen someone else for this class. I had the choice of three different teachers, but I knew nothing about any of them.

The other class looks to have lots of reading involved. But some small group stuff set up too with some pretty specific accountability questions to be tackled. At first I was thinking that football season is a bad time to be taking two seminary classes, but seems that I’m not going to have lots to cheer about or obsess about with State. They got spanked by Auburn this weekend. We’ll spank Maine next weekend, then each game after that we’ll have to play really well for a win. I mean really well. Croom’s going to make a winner out of this team, but it’s going to take time. No quick fixes.