• First pic is the lineup of shots.
  • Second is Mom taking the first shot to show how it’s done. No tears!
  • Third is my oldest. I expected her to cry. But her face screwed up tightly, but no tears came. Big Girl!
  • Fourth is the after-shot of my middle one. I couldn’t take an action shot because she had to sit in my lap while I held her arms/hands/legs still. She DID NOT want a shot. She made sure the people in the waiting room heard her.
  • And fifth is my baby boy. He didn’t cry when he was stuck. I thought he was going to take it like a man (or a big sister), but when the lady pressed the plunger he let us know quickly that he didn’t appreciate that pain in his leg at all.

And where was I? I don’t take flu shots. I’ve never had the flu. Actually I did take a shot last year because someone from the church came by to give the staff free flu shots, so I figured why not. But didn’t want to pay $25 for this one.
[click the photos for a larger view]

Are you going to get a flu shot this year?