My daughter (baby) thinks it’s important to cry for a period of time starting between 1am and 1:30am every morning. So I either lay there wishing I was already asleep. Or I wake up and wish that I was asleep. Tonight is one of those “hadn’t been to sleep yet” times. And she’s now quietened down and I’m still wide open.

I was going to read. But knew it would disturb my wife. I don’t want to read elsewhere because I know I’ll fall asleep there and spend most of the night there…be it on the couch or the guest bedroom.

But I have discovered I wish I could blog by telepethy from my bed at night. That’s where most of my thinking happens. Either there, in the shower, or while I’m driving. How awesome would that be to have the ability to “post by thought”? I bet I could make some extra cash for some high speed internet with that invention.

I need to work out. Yes, my physical body…because I’ll be going to Costa Rica in a month for some mission trip labor. But more so my spiritual muscles. I find myself telling the youth what they need to do, to learn, to study, to practice. But I only tell instead of model. How crappy has that been?

Going “home” this weekend. Addison’s birthday was held at the beach while we were on a youth trip. So the fam wants to be able to celebrate it with her. So of couse we have to make the trip up there. Back and forth in about 27 hours. How fun. Guess who gets to do all the driving? Guess who’ll be sleeping. That’s right…the same person who’s sleeping right now!

VBS is over tomorrow. It’s been really fun. Look forward to it each day, actually. And it’s been like Christmas all week for Addie. She’s loved the people, the music, the fun, the games, the snacks, the movies, the crafts…everything. It’s been more than good getting to work with all the various teenagers who’ve been helping out as well.