Like I was saying....

Freedom Toast?

C’mon, now. Get real. I heard about the Freedom Fries a week or so ago. But I just read this story where President Bush had Freedom Toast for breakfast on Air Force One. Is anyone around here really thinking the French give a heck about what we call our fries or toast whatever else? Is all of America supposed to be Playa Haters now when it comes to the France and all things French?


  1. Jay

    Sad really…I am sure they (the French) are getting a kick out of stupidity… hmmm think I'll go "freedom kiss" my wife now.

  2. Blake

    "Freedom Kiss"! That's awesome!

  3. Rhonda

    and the funniest thing is that neither the toast nor the fries are actually French.

  4. Blake

    Is the kiss?

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