These little things are goofy, but what the heck…

Name a board game you enjoy playing (Scrabble? Monopoly? Trivial Pursuit?) What’s fun about it? Do you change the rules or go by the book?

RISK. It seems to be a “guy game”, but it’s all about total world domination. You can take a handful of guys, start them playing at 9pm. And the thing might last til 1am or so. I go by the rules. That’s the only way!

How’s the weather been in your area lately? Hot and dry? Wet and muggy? Stormy? Beautiful?

Wet, wet and wet. Rainy everyday. Sun shines some. But then it rains right after it. So it’s either hot and muggy or rainy.

Do you consider yourself an emotional person? What types of emotions do you experience most often?

I think I’m emotional, but I keep them under wraps for the most part.

Main Course
List 3 songs you’ve been listening to recently. Are these songs from a different category of music than you usually choose, or are you devoted to a certain type of tunes?

Can’t really name three songs themselves. I usually listen to cd’s as a whole. But David Crowder’s newest, Illuminate is still in heavy rotation. I did throw some Third Eye Blind in the other day.

What’s on your refrigerator door? Magnets? Your child’s drawings? Photos? Calendars?

A few pictures. One of me and my dad. One of The Kid when she was in the paper kissing a goat. And then tons of Ann Estelle magnets so she can change her outfit and all.