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New XBox

We’ve been doing a lot of painting upstairs in the youth rooms. We’re going to be gone next week so things will be on hold for a bit. But we’re making progress. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. We’re going to put an XBox or two up there as well.

The question now is to which games to stock it with. Of course, we need to have sports games. NCAA Football ’05 comes out next week or two and it will be purchased. But what else. Here’s a question. Should we get Halo? It’s been hailed as one of the best XBox games ever. Strangely enough, it was the first ever XBox game too. Loads and loads of people play it and love it. Aliens have attacked the planet and you and a team go after them and shoot them up.

First Baptist one block away plays it all the time at their youth meetings. They get a few teams of guys all going at it at once. The issue is that it’s a bit violent. It actually got an M rating. But from what I’ve seen and been told, it’s not really worthy of an M rating, just that it was the first XBox game out there. But is that an issue that would/should keep it out of the youth room? I already know I’m going to get the “But we play it all the time at home/friend’s homes all the time,” and, “Well they play it at First Baptist til 2 in the morning sometimes.”

Well, I’m married with a kid and a kid on the way. Doubt I can have any XBox parties past midnight anytime soon (right, Honey?).

But if you read this and have a slight opinion, throw your hat in the ring here. Would you play Halo with your youth group? Why/why not? And suggest some other games you’d play instead of or in addition to. Games that are not only fun, but can have a group of people playing them at once.


  1. Alex

    I know that my Sunday school class took an XBOX and Halo with us on our fall retreat.

    I don't know many other XBOX games that are as fun to play together as Halo. (If there are any close, then they are just as violent)

  2. Alex

    Here is a list of XBOX game ratings:
    <a / rel="nofollow">XBOX games

  3. Alex

    The link didn’t work:

    Also, racing games are fun. Golf is also a fun one.

  4. kevin

    I think this is one of those issues where there is no single right issue. It depends a lot on the attitude and culture of the church and community you are in. Will bringing Halo in cause a major power struggle? Or is your church typically relaxed about this sort of thing?

  5. Bob

    I have let them play halo here. I personally don't think it is nearly as bad as most other games… no sex, no language… you just go around shooting bad guys. But I agree, will it cause strife in your church?

  6. Blake

    Alex…thanks for the link.

    Kevin…most people are relaxed. But you never can tell about people, you know? Fact is, I wouldn't think hardly any of the parents would have a problem with it. Just maybe some "older" people who don't like video games in the first place.

    Bob…they're not even shooting bad guys. They're aliens. I think Halo might drop a hell or a damn now and then though.

  7. Sally's friend

    I say go for it. Halo doesn't sound nearly as violent as a youth speaker discussing your wife's brutal murder or you killing your own daughter.
    Love to Sally,
    Sally's friend

  8. Joel

    Hi, I'm one of Alex's buddies in Huntsville. Nice blog. I went on the trip when Alex brought his X-box. He had actually asked my opinion before bringing it. I was opposed to it slightly on a retreat-like setting. I don't really even like having a TV on a retreat. However, I do like playing games and watching football on TV (we did both at this retreat). We did have a good time playing the Halo. I lost my temper at the end during a really tense game of capture the flag. But that's a problem with me, not with video games. I have gotten mad with my brother over a game of Risk too. Those little pieces are really hard to find when you flip the board. 🙂 I guess I would keep it away from retreats, where you're "trying to get away", keep good multiplayer games , and don't let the video game addicts abuse it to the point of neglecting other activities.

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