Yeah, it’s Tuesday…but here they are. GMan’s 7 Q’s

Friday, March 26, 2004
Friday 7.41

Here is this week’s questions.

1. When was the last time you said Thank You?
To the waitress at Pizza Hut when she brought some extra knapkins.
2. What is one CD you just got?
Adoration by Newsboys
3. Who was one superhero you looked up to as a young child?
Didn’t really look up to any superheros.
4. What was your last theological debate?
Didn’t really get into a debate (this time). But a friend and I did skirt the debate of homosexuality and the Christian life.
5. What is one children’s programming character you just detest?
6. Have you ever been fired? If yes, or no …any resources to help out?
7. What is one “cool” theme you have heard or used; and thought …that’s
good I need to use that idea in my ministry.

A webpage to post pictures from events, meetings, and the like.


A. Ever feel like Simon (Of American Idol) and just give someone a
friendly salute?

Not in a long while…still feel like it sometimes, but don’t do it.
B. How do you deal with conflict?
It really depends on what it is and who it is with.