I enjoy the fall, when the leaves are turning and you can start to wear jeans and a longsleeve tshirt. When football games are all the rage, and you start thinking about camping out. I like winter okay. I just got back from Colorado where it can get quite cold (but wasn’t this trip) and I enjoy the snow and the fun you can have it in. But as it’s started getting a little warmer the past few weeks, I know w/o a doubt that I’m more of a warm weather guy.

So…. Top Ten Ways I Know Spring is Here in no particular order…
1. The Wife’s feet aren’t so cold in the bed at night.
2. I can leave the bathroom door open when I shower and not freeze.
3. My gold car looks yellow and my green car looks yellow (because of the pollen).
4. The Kid’s nose is running like a faucet.
5. People start trying to wear shorts too early and their legs are pasty white.
6. The lull at the gym after all the people with New Year’s resolutions left is ended by people trying to look good in a swimsuit.
7. The growl of lawnmowers.
8. Baseball at Dudy Noble.
9. MSU football fans start hoping for this years Spring Practice to actually improve the football team.
10. The mosquito hawks surround your door.