Like I was saying....

Glad I’m in Green State

click the map for an interactive experience

It’s crazy to see how the prices are moving up. when I first went to college I remember $5 would get me nearly 6 gallons of gas. Most people think gas will be over $4 here in Mississippi really soon. It stings going to get gas. But then I look at this map and don’t feel so bad. Or maybe not as bad as other people are feeling.

What color is your state? What did you pay per gallon the last time you got gas? I think mine was $3.69 is actually a pretty cool site if you spend a little bit of time looking around.


  1. Len

    See that one orange spot in Northwest Texas? That’s us.

  2. running on empty

    It was 3.96 / gallon in NE Green State yesterday and, as I was paying for my gas purchase (I found 3.89 at Shell), the station received a call instructiong them to raise their prices for the second time that day.

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