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Golfing with The Kid

A friend has been asking the last few days about going to play golf with him. He called just before I got home yesterday and I knew what he was going to ask. But The Wife was at work and I was home with The Kid. We were going to get some good Halo action going on.

But he talked me into it and bringing her along. I wasn’t so sure how it would work out. She might like it or get tired of it pretty quickly. We met him at the old golf club, got a cart and a Gatorade and took off. Ended up playing a 2 man scramble with some friends of his. The Kid liked to ride in the cart and chase me around as I looked for my balls and swung at them. She was content to follow along and ride the cart for the first 6 holes. Then she wanted to hit the balls on her own.

It was cool. I gave her a club that was bigger than she was and a ball and she’d chop at it over by the cart while I dug holes in the turf w/ my irons. I’d not swung a golf club in 2 years. It shows. And I can probably count the times I’ve actually played on a real course with only two hands of fingers.

But it’s pretty fun. But it’s not the cheapest thing in the world either. And The Kid is proud too because she thinks she’s good at it now. As for me, I gotta learn not to chop down at the ball and hit it cleaner. All with time…all with time.

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  1. jeremy

    yeah, i love it, but i suck more than anyone… it's just too dang expensive to be a regular hobby for me.

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