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I’d asked days ago about Halo. Was it okay to play it in a church youth setting or not. Yes, it does have an M rating. When I’d posted previously, I’d only played it once a few months ago for about 20 minutes and didn’t remember much at all about it. When I got back from Florida I had one waiting on my in my mailbox. Seems I’d won an eBay action for $15. Yea for me! It costs $29 at Walmart.

So I’ve played it a little since then. It’s a good game. And I’m trying to remain objective here, but I don’t think it’s a game that gets an M rating. You’re a robot dude running around shooting aliens with a little bit of blue blood leaking out. Not squirting out. Not gushing or exploding or whatever. And there are some Marines that cuss now and then. But if you watch Friends or ER or CSI or anything like that, you hear worse.

Personally, I think it’s not bad. But no matter, I can see the letter M on the outside of the box getting in the way of some people’s thinking. Especially parents. But I figured with Halo2 coming out in November I’d have to brush up on Halo some before diving into the new one.

Now I gotta get NCAA Football 2005 when it comes out on Thursday


  1. Alex

    I got NCAA Football at lunch and I can’t wait to play it. There are so many neat features. Like you can set up a dynasty that makes you recruit players each year. If you recruit a bunch of thugs, you risk probation. If you don’t play a young star enough he will transfer. I can’t wait…

  2. Blake

    WalMart here in town says they have it in, but won't sell it til Thursday. Go figure.

  3. James

    I had the same issue with my youth too. The Letter M took priority as we have the same rule. No M rated games. The kids didn't like it, but did respect the decision. That's always a plus.

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