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Graduation Sunday

Today we had eight seniors don their caps and gowns to participate in our church’s Graduation Service. You know, the one where they get to stand in front of the church so their mom’s can cry a little and everyone can smile. We handed out some slick new Bibles and then had a lunch.

I remember this entire group as 7th graders. Now they’re all grown up and ready for the world (they think). They’ve made lots of changes, experienced lots of things, some good – some not so good. But I just hope they realize that the world can eat you up and spit you out if you don’t maneuver smartly.

My heart’s hope is that they lean on God for all of their understanding through this journey called Life.


  1. rick

    Sounds like you've got a good group, sir. I remember my time as a senior at church, getting to do the same thing. That group started out well, too, and has continued on decently. But I remember as a youth worker later on how difficult it was to see kids I never knew – who'd never come to anything, never participated in anything, didn't even know my name, let alone Jesus as Savior – and there they were on that day, making mommy & daddy happy. Sigh.

  2. hey

    hey, wanna play updog?

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