Like I was saying....

Prisons. Beheadings. Stupid Stuff.

I wasn’t necessarily opposed to us going over to Iraq. I’m not saying I was gun-ho about it either. But I could understand some of the reasonings. But what the heck are we doing now? Are we trying to set up a govt. there that can bear the pressure of the surrounding areas? Maybe that’s noble. Maybe that’s selfserving (has anyone seen gas prices?). But what the heck is going on over in the prisons and prison camps?

I saw some of the photos and the like of the prison beatings and torture. They’re beyond distasteful and sickening. The burning Q right now is whether this was the work and thought processes of a few prison guards, or was it commanded from higher up? Hmmm..

But today someone sent me a link to the video of Berg the civilian being beheaded. It was Berg saying who he was and who his fam was followed by nearly 5 minutes of Arab language saying who knows what. But then the push him to the ground and saw his head off with a long knife. I’d thought up until last night that it was a quick, swift hack with a sword. But no, it was long with screams.

There’s a few groups of people saying it might be a fake, but either way it left a way empty feeling in the pit of my stomach. Now what all does this mean for the “war efforts” and “rebuilding efforts” and what else might happen?

All I know is that we, the U.S. have gotten mixed up in some bad crap and we seem to be in over our heads. I think we can recover with quality people being put in leadership over there. But we’ll see.


  1. g

    Can you say "Vietnam"? It's not exactly the same, but it goes on and on and on, and more and more lives are wasted along the way.

  2. bob

    … not to mention quality people being put in leadership over here … that's just as important.

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