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Greg Iles

I’m almost done with my 3rd Greg Iles book. It’s called Black Cross. When my wife first saw the book, she was making sure it wasn’t any devil/Satan/black magic type of stuff. I assured her it wasn’t. It actually has a WWII setting to it, with spies, secret missions, poison gas, prison camps, and lots and lots of Nazis. It’s a good plot, with lots of action. As I read, I think, “How can a guy from Natchez, MS know so much about WWII Europe.” But apparently he’s much smarter than me.

But what I’ve found a little gruesome are some of the stories the Jewish prison camp people would tell in the book. And as I read some of the recounts I had to realized that these were probably very accurate of what really happened when the Nazis and SS troops would do the door-2-door searches. And I wondered what would happen to a man or group of men to reduce their sense of human worth to the point they’d perform these atrocities. Was it a pure hatred of another race? Was it an honest belief that the Jewish people were a sort of cancer on society that they were expunging? Was it blindly following the leadership of Hitler? Or was it just getting caught up in the big moment (of the war and all) that allowed them to act without really thinking at all?

Even to watch Schindler’s List opens the eyes a great deal.


  1. giddy

    Have you ever seen the old news footage of truckloads of rifle-toting rednecks and federal marshalls everywhere on the Ole Miss campus in 1960-something? All because one black man registered for classes. Talk about pack mentality! To this day, it angers and embarasses me.

  2. giddy

    It also embarrasses me to misspell "embarrasses."

  3. giddy (SpybotWorm)

    …and "marshals", too.

    If I keep this up, I'll soon out-comment the MWI people.

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