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ISP hassles

Well, I keep getting this bill in the mail.

Not really. Only the 2nd time. But you may remember back to when I was having problems accessing Rachel’s blog and Darren’s blog. I could read them at work or on a different computer, but not at home. Seemed that for some reason my ISP couldn’t resolve their sites. Turns out it was some weird issue with a server somewhere or another.

But during that time I was looking to change my ISP. My ISP really never has any troubles, but the customer support isn’t the nicest in the world. So I tried out another ISP, but it was so stinking slow for me. I cancelled it. Then I tried a 3rd one. It worked fine, but just before I went with them for good, the server stuff resolved. So I kept my first ISP, cancelled the other one, and asked for a refund they’d said I’d get if not satisfied.

Well, the first payment had been by CC, so I figured since I’d said cancel it and all, I’d be find. I got a bill in the mail a month later, asking to send payment for the next month. I didn’t because I’d cancelled and figured when they didn’t get a check from me, they’d cancel my account. Just this week I get a 2nd bill for 2 months of service. What the heck?!? I emailed them back this morning that I’d cancelled long ago…we’ll see what their resonse is.

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    Call customer service.

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